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As a parent, have you ever felt like this: “Teacher, I am drowning. I don’t know what to do with my child. Please help me”? Do you find yourself wondering, usually with frustration, “Why this grade? Why so much homework? Why do you keep my child from going out to recess?”

If you are in this position, then Dear Parents is for you because it:

• decodes the mysteries behind the things teachers ask from parents.

• explains how partnering with teachers in specific ways can help students become better learners.

• helps parents take control of their child’s education and strengthen their families in simple and easy ways through the biggest tool you have as a parent: dialogue.

• allows you to see a transformation in your child’s thinking patterns, conversation, and writing skills.

These changes can transfer into better grades, a happier student, and even a more peaceful home environment. You will learn how to work with your child’s teacher to create a 21st Century Learner. Are you ready to find new ways to help your child succeed in this global world? Then Dear Parents is for you!